Ten Totally Useless and Random Thoughts for Your Friday . . .

  1. I love coffee . . . hot or cold . . . I legit don’t care. I just love coffee. A splash of half/half. No sugar. It’s the best. I’ll tell you what I don’t like . . . pumpkin spice coffee of any kind . . . it tastes like perfume smells to me . . . which is weird because no one should ever wear pumpkin spice perfume . . . ever. No offense to anyone that loves it (pumpkin spice coffee not perfume . . . if you like pumpkin spice perfume you should have your head examined). I can eat pumpkin bread, pumpkin ice cream, and pumpkin pie all the livelong day, but I can’t handle pumpkin in my coffee.
  2. I’ve read 30 (fiction) books so far this year. My goal is 50. I don’t know that I’ll get there but considering how crazy life is . . . and how I fall asleep while reading at night and drop my kindle on my face . . . I think I’m doing pretty well.
  3. I always think about doing a top ten favorite book round up at the end of the year. But I don’t because narrowing down favorite books is like picking a favorite food. Pretty much impossible. But I’m keeping track of my books on Goodreads so maybe . . .
  4. Speaking of favorites . . . I have the hardest time picking favorites for anything. And my youngest has been on this, “What’s your favorite __________?” kick. Here’s what I know. My favorite color is blue. Always and forever . . .but also, I love all the colors. Colors are terrific.
  5. Given my inability to pick favorites, my perfectionistic tendencies, and my need to read all the reviews ever before picking a hotel or VRBO (much like I don’t do camping, I don’t do sketchy hotels, condos, or houses), you’d think I might be an indecisive person. But alas, I’m not. When it comes time to make a decision, I’m your girl. I look. I do a quick review run through (5 min tops). I decide. And then I don’t think about it again. Indecisiveness makes me crazy. No need to have a two-day conversation. Make a decision people.
  6. Football is back y’all. I don’t care. But here’s the deal. With football being back, and the end of the year racing toward us at a rapid pace (because it’s important to remember that sometimes you race at a NOT “rapid pace”), the gym is dead on Sunday afternoons. Dead as in I was the only person there last week. Yes, and amen. I love me some football.
  7. Speaking of working out, I’ve been struggling with sciatic pain straight down my left leg. If you follow me on the socials (“the socials” sounds really stupid, but I’m leaving it), you know this already. Pain, schmain . . . going for a 3.5-mile run, followed by a 1.5-mile walk was not the smartest move yesterday. So, other than some targeted stretches sent to me by a PT friend, I’m forcing myself to take extra rest days today and tomorrow . . . rest meaning I am specifically not going to work out . . . I’m sure I’ll find something else to keep me busy because the thought of doing nothing makes my eye twitch. But hey, I don’t have to wash my hair . . . tmi . . .
  8. I ate cookies for breakfast. That is not a good choice y’all. But I’m not regretting it either.
  9. Rain . . . rain is my favorite . . . see I can pick a favorite. But for real, I wouldn’t complain if it rained every single day. I mean, I’m all for the sun peeking through here and there, but I really love the rain.
  10. I also love to wear sweatshirts year-round. Which is why I prefer rain and cool temps. Because turning down the AC to bearable temps when one insists on wearing sweatshirts in the dead of summer gets a little bit expensive.

And there you have, 10 totally useless thoughts for your Friday morning. Here’s to the weekend y’all and praying for cooler temps and rain.

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