About Courtney . . .

Hello and welcome! My name is Courtney. Hence the title. This site was born out of a conglomeration of different ideas and elements. Since my early elementary years, when I discovered the joys of both reading and writing, I have found where speech often fails the written word rarely does. I have been expressing myself through writing for the majority of my life. I’ll let you guess how long that has been. And I’ve used everything from pen and paper (still my favorite standby) to a family life/adoption blog to social media posts to give voice to the thoughts bouncing around my head. After much encouragement from family and friends and former English teachers to put focus and purpose into my writing, along with a whole lot of prayer as to how to do that, I landed on this site as my starting point.

If you know me in real life, through social media, or my, abandoned hodge podge of a blog, you know that I’m a wife, a mother, a former teacher, and now, a stay-at-home mom. My husband, Patrick, and I were married in 2003 when we were still young, naive, and clueless about life . . . which is just how it should be. Patrick is a realtor and business owner by day (and night and Saturday afternoon . . . okay, realtors seem to be on duty 24 hours a day seven days a week) and a guitar player and youth pastor by Wednesday night and weekend. Our son, Andrew, was born in 2007, and our daughter, Anna, was born in Bulgaria in 2013 and officially became our daughter in December of 2015 when she was adopted into our family, her forever family. My love and passion for my family comes second only to my love and passion for Jesus and His saving grace. While you may see tidbits about my life as a wife and a mother woven into my writings, my family will not be front and center here. The purpose of this site will be to put down in writing what God is speaking through me and to me. I hope, as you read, He uses me to encourage and edify, to show His transforming grace, and to help you realize exactly how great His love is for you!

Let’s build something together.

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