A Thrilling Post About the Fact that Texas is Currently Hotter Than the Surface of the Sun . . .

Happy Fall y’all!

You hear that?

It’s the sound of everyone in Texas laughing and laughing and laughing . . .

September in Texas is not known for its cool, crisp temperatures. I’m very aware of that. But y’all. It. Is. Sweltering. Like 100 degrees and holding. August did this wonderful/terrible thing where it rained and the temps were cool (relatively speaking), and we all, collectively, thought Fall was coming early. Cruel joke. We should’ve known better.

However, never one to be dissuaded by the crazy Texas weather, I have plowed ahead as if Fall is really here in all its 90-degree glory. I actually put out all of my fall decorations in August because the weatherman said something about the end of meteorological summer, and I was feeling ridiculous hopeful . . . so I decorated for Fall a month ago.

But today . . . today I changed our bedding from our light spring/summer quilt to our heavier fall/winter comforter. Because you know we’ll need that when it gets down to 85 degrees at 9:00 p.m. In all actuality, Patrick will be thrilled because he thinks I try to freeze him to death every night. And I’ll have to lower the AC even more, otherwise I’ll wake up feeling like I’m suffocating and drenched in sweat. Lovely. But I’m telling y’all. Summer is done. Over. Or at least I’m over it.

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