Confessions of an Almost 41 year Old Woman. . . 10 Things . . .

  1. I eat instant Ramen . . . not every day . . . not every week . . . but I eat it a couple times a month (with stir fried veggies thrown in . . . as if that makes it healthy . . . ha!). I love it. I’m not apologizing for that. No need to tell me how unhealthy Ramen is . . . I know. No need to tell me it will stay in a ball in your stomach . . . not entirely accurate as it is . . . it’s just super hard to digest. So there you have it . . . I eat Ramen.
  2. I have a dress and shoe buying problem . . . which is interesting considering I don’t have a real job and wear sweats and t-shirts 95% of the time.
  3. I hate driving. If I’m ever independently wealthy I’ll do a lot of good with my money, but also, I’m going to have a full time driver. Because I hate driving.
  4. I have a love/hate relationship with summer. I love that we don’t have to get up before 6:00 a.m. every morning . . . why does school start so early??? Why??? But y’all my kids are always hungry, and they talk . . . a lot. They both eat and talk constantly. All. The. Time. Did I say constantly? I’ve heard so many basketball stats my brain has turned to mush. Also, why??? But I love them so . . .
  5. I hate painting my toenails, and I’m too cheap/stingy with both my time and money to actually get a pedicure (or a manicure). But running can make your toenails less than pretty so paint them I do.
  6. And because God has a sense of humor, my daughter makes me paint her nails approximately 50 times/week. I still don’t like it.
  7. In keeping with that, I’m not a huge fan of make-up or fixing my hair or any of those things . . . which you’d think I would be considering my aforementioned dress and shoe buying addiction. My grandmother is in heaven rolling her eyes and shaking her head. She tried her best to instill a deep love of all things make-up in her granddaughters. I think she succeeded with, maybe, 2 or 3 out of a whole bunch of us girls. But every time I wear lipstick (which isn’t super often) I wear it for her.
  8. I seriously don’t love working out . . . but I do it anyway.
  9. I am very organized because I’m also very scatter brained. Without major organization and structure, I get nothing accomplished. I just wander aimlessly jumping from one task to another. So I make myself use a planner, and lists, and I stick to a routine. Otherwise we’d live in a pit of half washed laundry and eat nothing but Ramen every single day. 😉
  10. And finally, I’m happily turning 41 next week. Unlike 40, it is not a milestone or a monumental birthday. It’s just one year closer to 50. But honestly, I’m pretty certain the 40th decade was meant for me. I like being in my 40s. I like that I feel good in my skin, and I like the idea of aging with grace (hopefully). It is a gift. But also, I wear sunscreen everyday and use a myriad of anti-aging creams at night (no idea if they actually work) because the wrinkles . . . ehhh . . . I’d like to hold off on those as long as possible.

Bonus: These were supposed to be bullet points, but brevity is not my gift. Also, I’m sure some are repeats, but it is what it is.

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