For All the Sleepless Nights and Joy Filled Days . . .

To all the mothers . . . whether you be new to the this whole motherhood thing or have years of experience behind you . . . whether you’re being celebrated today or not . . . if you have a houseful of littles or an empty nest that is quiet and calm . . . know, no matter how hard it is some days, how challenging, how lonely, how exhausting . . . how beautiful, exciting, and joy filled . . . on the most mundane of days when you just want a moment of peace, a clean house, and some rest . . . you are so valued. The role you play . . . the calling you have is far from inconsequential . . . it is one of the highest callings and most important roles God has given. May your Mother’s Day be filled with peace and joy, love and honor.

Happy Mother’s Day

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