The One on Which I Hop Right Up on That Soapbox . . . You’re Welcome . . .

I’ve been on social media a little too much the past couple weeks.

It makes me irritated and anxious and annoyed.

It’s also stupid addictive. Time for some detox.

But here’s the thing I keep seeing that’s really getting to me.

It’s the low-key judgment of moms by other moms regarding the whole back to school thing.


“You’re excited your kids are going back to school. What is wrong with you?”

“You homeschool . . . ugh . . . I could never.”

“You send your kids to public school. Go ahead and brainwash them.”

“You send your kids to private school. Must be nice.”

And other things of the same thread attached to obnoxious memes, so the judgment is a little more thinly veiled and low key. It’s still judgment. It’s still saying, “I think I’m better than you”. Bottom line it’s pride.

Can we just stop y’all? Can we stop being judgy and obnoxious and realize that each family has to make the decision about what is right for them and their children? And newsflash, regardless of whether your child goes to public or private school or is homeschooled, you, as parents, are the main ones responsible for instilling personal and spiritual values in your children. So absolutely, if something is being taught that you don’t agree with, speak up! Especially if it’s something that you object to morally. By all means, it’s your child. But also, take responsibility and stop shifting it to others, AND on the flip side, accept that one can be a good parent and send their child to public school (or private school or the moon if need be).

Finally, on a personal note, I have one child in a private, Christian school. It’s where we want him and where he belongs. We love his school because it does reinforce our values. That’s why we chose it. But at the end of the day, we don’t depend on the school to fulfill the role of spiritually guiding and teaching him. It’s a supplement to what we try to walk out and teach in our home each and every day. Not that we’re perfect. The good Lord knows we’re not, but we keep on keepin’ on. We also have a child in public school mostly due to her particular needs, and we love our local elementary school. It’s where God led us to place her. It has been a blessing, and we are so thankful for her teachers, therapists, counselors, etc. No, they don’t offer spiritual guidance (not their job), but they also don’t detract from our beliefs and are very respectful of what we try to instill in our daughter. Ultimately, she’s there until we feel she needs to be somewhere else . . . which at some point, might be homeschooling. Might not. We’re asking God to show us the right path for her. I’m also a big believer in homeschooling when and where it’s appropriate for your family. I have tons of friends that homeschool and love it, and we may join those ranks one day. Regardless, I think it’s great!

But bottom line, because this devolved rapidly from where I started, whatever your day looks like today. . . if you’re swinging from the rafters because “Hallelujah, school started again!” more power to you. If you have tears in your eyes because sending your babes off to kindergarten . . . or senior year . . . or college . . . is rough, lots of hugs and empathy sent your way. If you, like myself, fall somewhere in the middle of “Praise Jesus, it’s quiet! I get to grocery shop in peace!” and “Gosh, I hope she’s okay without me, and did I remember to tell her teacher . . . and what time is it? Is school out yet?” then cool. It’s okay. And if you keep your kids home year-round and are homeschool mom extraordinaire, then way to go! But let’s just stop being overtly and covertly obnoxious toward one another. Instead, let’s be supportive and helpful, and crazy thought, encouraging.

That’s it. I’ll now step down off my soap box.

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