Just Some (Crazy-ish) Random Things and Thoughts

Let me just share a few thoughts/happenings on this fine Wednesday morning . . .

I just pulled my son’s retainers out of the dryer. Yes. The dryer. Why??? How??? So many questions. I’m sure there will be a great explanation this afternoon. I mean I guess they’re clean now and shout out to Invisalign retainers . . . they held up well in the washer and dryer (I am not being paid to say that, but I’m not opposed either). Face palm times 1000.

I’m certain that Texas has weather related multiple personality disorder. Yesterday it was almost 90 degrees. Today it’s 36, and there’s a chance of sleet, snow, freezing rain . . . I don’t even know. I’m not here for it. I hate the weather whiplash.

Would someone please tell me I don’t need another swimsuit? I don’t really love swimming, the beach, or you know, wearing a swimsuit. But I can’t stop myself. The first step is . . . never mind . . . I found a cute one.

Speaking of my oldest, God bless his sweet, scatterbrained heart, I’ve realized that he’s mere months away from being in high school, and shortly thereafter he’ll be getting his driver’s permit. I make no secret of the fact that I love having older kids, but how did we get here so fast? Wasn’t he just a chubby little baby yesterday? And now someone has to teach the boy to drive . . . “someone” meaning my husband and definitely not me because my driving skills are solidly in the “just okay” category. Jesus take the wheel . . . and I mean that quite literally.

Also, I have a confession to make. I am that mom. You know, the crazy mom at sporting events . . . that’s me. No chill whatsoever. I’ve suspected it for a while, but this year’s basketball season solidified it. My heart rate reached cardio levels more than a couple times during games so I’m looking forward to high school games where I can really stress myself out.

Carpool lines . . . a.k.a. pick up lines . . . because I don’t know why we call them “carpool” lines when we’re not actually carpooling . . . but I digress . . . the carpool/pick up lines at my daughter’s school are some sort of ridiculous. Here’s my situation. She gets out at 3:00. My son gets out at 3:45, but his school is just over 20 min from hers. So you would think I could get in line between 2:30-3:00, get her, and then head to get my son. No . . . no, I cannot. In order to get through the line quickly enough to get to his school on time, I must get in the carpool . . . pick up . . . whatever . . . line no later than 2:00. That’s an hour before school gets out. And I’m still not near the front. I drove past the school one day, and people were getting in line at 1:15. Almost two hours before school is out. Do people have nothing else to do? Don’t write me and give me all the reasons. I’m sure they have somewhere to be and don’t want to be late, but it’s ridiculous. End of story.

I think that’s enough randomness from my brain for one day. It’s Wednesday. You’re halfway through the week. Hope it’s a great one!

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