We Have Not Forgotten

Twenty years . . .

It seems like just yesterday . . .

It seems like an eternity has passed . . .

We now have a generation of young people who have no idea what it was like to live in a pre 9/11 world. A world where the threat of terrorism was not constantly at the forefront of our collective minds. A world where an attack on our own soil was unthinkable. We have an entire generation that only knows a post 9/11 world.

I vividly remember that Tuesday morning . . . it was a beautiful day . . . a day that started so normally . . . a day that ended so tragically.

I remember the horror of watching the towers fall . . . the thousands of lives lost, stolen, murdered . . . the tears that fell . . . the slowly dawning awareness that the United States of America was under attack . . . the absolute heartbreak and devastation of it all.

I remember, in the deepest part of me, the heaviness of those days that followed . . . the way we all walked through each passing moment in utter shock . . . trying to process the reality of what had happened.

I remember a nation that turned toward God and one another. A people that united, both physically and emotionally, to stand against the terror that had come to our shores.

I remember.

I will never forget.

We must remember.

We must never forget.

For our nation . . . for our world . . . for every single life lost, family whose loved one did not come home, child who was raised without their mother or father . . .

We remember . . . 9/11/2001 . . .

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