Wisdom in Bits and Pieces

I’m 39 years (plus a few months) old . . . for those that care . . . but also, for those that don’t . . . ’cause y’all know I’m telling you either way. In less than nine months, I’ll turn 40, and I find that this impending birthday, one that most people dread, is one to which I look forward. Not only because it’s not happening in 2020. Can I get an amen??? But, getting older has never really bothered me, and I’ve been thinking a lot about the morsels of wisdom I’ve acquired over the past 39 years. So here they are . . . 29 of them because although that number has absolutely no significance, and that in itself kind of makes me twitch, it’s what I came up with . . .

  1. Clean your kitchen every night . . . you won’t ever regret it. There’s nothing worse than waking up to a mess in the morning.
  2. If you don’t like your hair gray, color it. That’s your prerogative.
  3. Make your bed . . . most days . . . but on the days you don’t that’s okay too.
  4. Every time you open a fresh bag of coffee take a deep breath. There’s no better smell.
  5. Sleep and sunscreen keep the wrinkles away . . . but stock up on both before you have kids . . . because once you have them, you’ll never sleep again. 😉
  6. Exercise most days . . . rest too. Balance is a thing.
  7. Eat your vegetables and also, sometimes, eat dessert. Again with the balance.
  8. Read your bible.
  9. Pray. Then pray some more. It’s not “all you can do”. It’s the best thing you can do.
  10. The most perfect parents don’t have any kids. The longer you parent, the more you realize, you’re no expert. Having kids will make you eat every single time you uttered the words, “When I have kids, they will never . . . “. They will. I promise they will.
  11. If you home school . . . you’re right. If you send your kids to private school . . . you’re right. If you enroll them in public school . . . you’re right. Just educate them young’uns . . . however it works for you.
  12. Buy yourself flowers or coffee or chocolate . . . whatever it is that floats your boat. Don’t wait for someone else. Buy it for yourself.
  13. We’re not all the same. God did that on purpose.
  14. Social media is a fantastic tool, but it’s not reality. Don’t let it dictate your life.
  15. And also, don’t fight with people on other people’s posts (or even your own). Move on, unfriend, unfollow, ignore . . . whatever . . . just don’t engage.
  16. Be strong enough to be independent, but also, be soft enough to form relationships where you’re dependent on others.
  17. Your children should never be the priority in your marriage. If you want them to grow up with a healthy view of marriage, put God first (God . . . not ministry, not the church, just God . . . and for the record I believe in both church and the ministry so don’t come at me), your spouse second, and your kids third. Always and forever.
  18. Date your spouse. It sounds cheesy and goofy and maybe even, pointless . . . I mean you live together . . . it’s not.
  19. Don’t be late. It tells others their time isn’t valuable to you. But if you are late, apologize profusely and do better next time.
  20. On the flip side, extend grace. Every chance you get. Give it. You’ll need it.
  21. Separate those bananas . . . if they’re getting too ripe . . . separate those suckers. It’ll buy you at least an hour more.
  22. Read books . . . for no other reason than enjoyment.
  23. Vote . . . even when all the choices stink . . . still vote because it’s both a privilege and a right.
  24. Travel.
  25. Eat good food.
  26. Laugh and cry, they’re both important.
  27. Grieve loved ones lost.
  28. Cherish those still living.
  29. And remember . . . perfection is so overrated.
Copyright 2020, Courtney G Davis, All Rights Reserved 

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