Lessons Learned in Quarantine

The ‘Rona Homeschool Academy 2020 has officially closed here in the Davis household, and I’m not mad or sad about it! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! I am confident the angels are singing “glory” right here with me.

My kids will still “learn” during the summer. They’ll read. They’ll write. They’ll even do some math, but we’re doing it on our terms.

These past couple months have been challenging in so many ways (not just on the home school front) . . . and that right there is the understatement of the year. But, like so many, I’ve learned some important things and been reminded of others.

I’ve been reminded that I most definitely do not want to home school my kids, but if I have to, I absolutely can. (Dear God, Please, please, please . . . let these kids go back to school in August. Amen.)

I’ve learned that grace and patience and both extending and asking forgiveness are all more important than I ever realized. Toward ourselves. Toward others. On social media and in real life. Can I get a witness?

I’ve learned that I can be flexible, and y’all I am gloriously inflexible most of the time. But I can be flexible.

I’ve been reminded that I need space and quiet, or I can get grumpy (I know shocker). My children don’t really believe in space and quiet so I’m taking a whole lot of deep breaths and sending them outside.

Along those same lines . . . I’m reminded that cleaning is therapeutic for me so sometimes I put on my headphones, turn on a podcast, and ignore them while I vacuum. Judge me all you want.

I’ve been reminded (and I very much knew this, but oh my goodness, I really KNOW this now) that my kids’ teachers and administrators and support staff and therapists and anyone that does anything with them at all are rockstars. All. Of. Them. And while I think they’re all deserving of . . . I don’t know . . . an all expense paid trip to Hawaii . . . just a few kind words and a simple gift sent to their homes and/or email goes a long way toward letting them know they are appreciated.

I’ve learned that you need to think, research, and filter before you post on social media. Also, that unfollow button is great for peace of mind. And everyone is following someone or something. You’ve just got to take a look at who or what it is you follow. And keeping with this line of thought for just a second, I’m reminded that NO man (or woman) on this earth, including political figures, are without fault. I can take the good and recognize the not so good and the outright bad. And believe me there are all three with everyone. So I will not hold up or idolize anyone but Jesus no matter who they are or where they fall politically (yes, I said “idolize” because sadly, I think a lot of Christians do just this with men in authority both politically and even with leaders in the church . . . they cannot seem to admit that these men . . . and sometimes women . . . are human and can say and do things very wrong at times, and I’ll step off that soapbox now).

I’ve been reminded that I need to work out for my mental health as much as my physical health. And when I don’t want to do it at all is when I need it the most.

I’m reminded how much I appreciate church and being able to gather without worrying about social distancing and all that entails. Attending church is on the top of my list of things that I definitely took for granted. (Please know, that I fully support social distancing and wearing masks and all other measures that ensure the safety of others. I don’t think I have the right to put others at risk. Ever.)

I’ve learned that my kids are the equivalent of human garbage disposals and eat approximately 853 times/day.

I’ve learned that I really like it when my husband is home more. Even though it means that things are little slower than normal in the real estate world. The blessing and the curse is that it didn’t last long (and we are very thankful for the fact that Patrick is busy and working). But I definitely will miss the days of him being home.

I’m reminded how much we love our extended families. We miss everyone and are definitely excited to start visiting again in the coming weeks.

I’ve learned that this time has been something to be cherished. Our calendars and schedules were wiped clean. And we’ve been reminded that the most important things in life are those we love and not the things we do or have. I think we often seek entertainment as a way of filling voids in our lives, but when the outside entertainment became thin or totally unavailable, we learned to make our own fun at home with those we love. And so, even as we slowly return to normal, I hope to never go back to the constant need to go somewhere and do something. I hope we hold on to a little bit of quarantine in our every day lives.

Ultimately, I’ve learned I am more than blessed. Right here. Right now.

*Finally, I’d like thank Amazon Prime and HEB Delivery for helping us through these trying times. The good Lord knows, I couldn’t have made it without them. 😉

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