Friday Afternoon Ramblings

We made it to Friday . . . again.

We survived another week of stay at home, social distancing, home schooling, craziness . . .

Eight weeks ago my kids left school for spring break, and we thought they’d be back at in week, maybe two or three, at most. Then we personally made the decision to cancel, well, everything in the immediate future, circle our proverbial wagons, and pretty much park ourselves at home. And that was followed by the government making it official. Now we are looking at things slowly coming back and trying to find out where our new normal lies. For each family and person, it’s going to look different. It’s going to happen at a different pace and with different comfort levels for everyone, and that’s okay. Have respect and give grace. That’s the message playing on repeat in my head.

I sat down this morning with my actual, in real life, bible and journal thinking that it had been “a while” since I had carved out more than five minutes to really read and pray and take notes, only to realize that “a while” was over a month ago. True quiet time has been scarce these days, and it seems that staying home has us busier than ever before. It’s not that I haven’t read the bible or prayed for over a month, but it hasn’t been my usual, focused time, set aside to read and pray and write. It has been more snatches of scripture and short devos on my bible app. It has been praying and reading and listening as I’m going and moving and doing and trying to keep up with the demands of two kids home, with me. All. The. Time. Have I mentioned I’m an introvert that loves her peace and quiet and alone time??? I’ll be completely honest, nothing about this situation, especially my current bible study practices and quiet time status, or lack thereof, is ideal nor is it conducive to growth in my relationship with God but more maintenance. Maintenance is fine for a short season, but if you maintain too long, it can easily slip into stagnation. And my relationship with God has never been something that is just meant to be maintained, and it is definitely not something that should ever be stagnant.

That’s not to say, I’m condemning myself or any other person that has found this to be their struggle. We are living in strange times, and we are constantly have to adjust how we do daily life. So grace should be given in abundance, but if I’ve realized anything in these times of “quarantine” it’s every single relationship in our lives . . . whether that be with God, or our spouse, or our kids . . . needs to be fed and lovingly tended. Time together doesn’t always equal quality time, and relationships happen on purpose rather than by accident. That’s not a bad thing. That’s actually a really great thing. It’s worth every effort and any and all work it takes. And if we keep those relationships in the right order and give them the proper priority in our lives . . . God, first, spouse, second, kids, third, and so on . . . then the work is much less stressful and much more enjoyable, and each subsequent relationship seems to be maintained with more ease. So here’s to taking the time and making the effort because whether we’re at home or on the go, the most important parts of our lives aren’t found in material things, or being entertained, or being able to do all things and go all the places, but instead, are found in the relationships we have with those we love.

And that’s it y’all. Those are my thoughts on this Friday afternoon. Nothing life shattering or super spiritual but honest and real and hopefully, relatable to many of you.

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